GAMETAG™ is available for Nintendo DS, Sony PS Vita and USB memory sticks

GAMETAG™ when used correctly enables the user easy access in locating and changing games without the games being removed/detached from the GAMETAG™ and the console even during play

GAMETAG™ holds 8 game cartridges or USB memory sticks - (console, games and memory sticks not included) no longer do you have to lose valuable playing time searching for game cartridges

GAMETAG™ saves money

GAMETAG™ prevents the loss of expensive video game cartridges, some memory cards, USB sticks and loyalty cards

GAMETAG™ keeps all your games, USBs and cards secure, conveniently together and on hand where ever you are using them

GAMETAG™attaches to the rear of the cartridge thus protecting the label for the users convenience and for game cartridge resale

GAMETAG™ is the securest and the only way in the world to store and use DS and PS Vita games while keeping them attached to one another and to the console

GAMETAG™ was invented by an Australian mother of four.

GAMETAG™ is committed to excellence in quality, reliability and innovation to the games industry

GAMETAG™ strives to meet and exceed customer expectations by creating a valuable solution that can be used with confidence and satisfaction

GAMETAG™ if tags are removed at any stage from the game cartridge, they need to be replaced with a new tag to ensure your game stays safe and securely attached

GAMETAG™ is not an accessory, GAMETAG™ is a necessity!